HIV Online Learning Australia (HOLA)

HOLA is an online workforce development program by Health Equity Matters and NAPWHA increasing the knowledge and skills of Australia’s HIV community workforce.

Program Objectives

  • To build the baseline knowledge of the staff and volunteers at Health Equity Matters and NAPWHA’s member organisations through engaging online learning activities.

  • Bringing together staff from across different jurisdictions to generate new knowledge and skills through peer learning.

  • Translating research into knowledge and showcasing innovation on emerging issues through online forums and webinars.

About HOLA

HOLA is a workforce development program designed to build the knowledge and capacity of the HIV community workforce in Australia.

Currently free and available to staff and volunteers at Health Equity Matters and NAPWHA’s member organisations, HOLA offers a range of online learning activities including:

  • Self-directed online modules
  • Skills development workshops
  • National Workforce Convenings
  • Communities of practice groups
  • Discussion papers

All of HOLA’s activities and resources are available through HOLA’s online learning portal.

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HOLA resources

HOLA is currently free and available for people working for Health Equity Matters’ and NAPWHA’s member organisations.

To learn more about HOLA’s learning activities, please click to download our program flyer.