Our People

We are represented by a dedicated board and committed teams in both Australia and Thailand. Head to the bottom of the page for current opportunities to join our team.

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Health Equity Matters is governed by a national Board of Directors who volunteer their time and expertise. Elected by our members, the board is responsible for the governance of Health Equity Matters, including its directions and performance.

  • President

    Mark Orr Am

  • Vice President

    Peter Grogan

  • Director

    Jane Alley

  • Director

    Peter Black

  • Director

    Susan Chong

  • Director

    Michael Doyle

  • Director

    Scott Harlum

  • Director

    Laurie Leigh

  • Director

    Jason Ong

  • Director

    Colin Ross

  • Director

    Ari Reid

  • Director

    Samuele Tomasulo

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer

Dash Heath-Paynter
Chief Executive Officer

Executive Unit

Renee Parker
Executive Assistant to the Chief Executive Officer

Donna Wilson
DFAT Accreditation Manager

Business Operations

Louise Vergel De Dios
Manager, Business Operations and Finance

Amy Zeng
Compliance and Payroll Officer

Lexie Huadchai
Finance and Admin Officer



Ben Wilcock
Manager, National Programs

Patty Whatley
Acting Manager, National Programs

Habib Taouk
Senior Project Officer

Valerie Arsenova
Senior Project Officer

Justin Salerno
Project Coordinator

Tara O’Donnell
Manager, HOLA (HIV Online Learning Australia)

Elena Cotto
Instructional Designer

Joseph Youssef
Instructional Designer

Tess Barrie
Learning Coordinator

Alex Christodoulou
Communications Coordinator

Asia & the Pacific


Felicity Young AO
Principal Director

Lauren Bradley
Deputy Director, Programs

Chansiri (Cookie) Monsuda
Senior Program Officer

Philips (Phils) Loh
Senior Program Officer

Edzelyn Zabala-Baduya
Senior Manager, Finance & Administration

Wannapa (Paeng) Srichai
Senior Accountant & Corporate Administrator

Chitlada (Dah) Tosha
Finance & Administration Officer

Nalatthaporn (Kay) Chayshoowong
Administration Officer

Matthew Kusen
Senior Technical Officer, MERL

Huiling Pan
Senior Technical Officer, Health Financing

Palani Narayanan
Senior Program Manager

Indo-Pacific HIV Partnership

Matthew Rudd
International Program Specialist

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Join Health Equity Matters in leading the conversation that drives for virtual HIV elimination and champions advancements in LGBTIQA+ health.