Impact Areas

Health Equity Matters’ Australian and International programs pave the way for our communities to make an impact in the HIV landscape across Australia and the Asia-Pacific region.

  • On the domestic front, Health Equity Matters is the national federation for Australia’s leading HIV and LGBTIQA+ organisations. Our story spans more than 35 years of community-led action in response to HIV and to support our communities. We are recognised both globally and nationally for the leadership, policy expertise, health promotion, coordination and support we provide.



  • We contribute internationally to the development of effective policy and program responses to HIV at a global level, and for more than two decades have implemented initiatives to strengthen civil society responses to HIV in Asia and the Pacific.

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See our recent impact in our latest Annual Report.

Our 2022-23 Annual Report provides a snapshot of our activities and highlights the year’s achievements, both in Australia and overseas.